The Easiest Way To Install APk On Your Android Device


Install Apk If you are an android user then most probably you must be aware of the apk and their usefulness, but there are very few people who know how to install apps on their android devices. Most people use third-party apps to download apps and then transfer them on their device, but this method has its own issues if you don’t have enough free space on your device then you will get the error while installing apps because of insufficient free space issue, so here we will discuss the easiest way to install Apk on your Android device without using any third-party app or other PC software.

1. How To Enable Unknown Sources in Your Phone

In order for you to be able to download apps, you need to enable unknown sources in the security settings of your phone. To do this, go into Settings, then Security, and turn on Unknown Sources. If you have an older phone
that doesn’t use software security settings like this one, then instead of turning on Unknown Sources, change the installation source (also found in Settings) from Google Play to Unknown Sources. This will allow you to access
any app file without having to go through Google Play.

2. How To Get An Apk File

This tutorial will show you how to install an app file on your android phone or tablet. To get the apk file, you can download it from a website or just search for it in Google Play Store. Go to the easiest way to google play store on your android phone. Navigate to where you saved the apk file and tap on it to start installing it. When prompted with a list of apps that could be installed by this apk (such as Vuze), select App Installer. Lastly, when asked if this is OK, select Install again and wait until the installation completes See? It’s not so hard after all.

3. How To Install An Apk File On Android

  • Go to the google play store on your android phone.
  • Search for the apk file you want and click download.
  • Once it’s downloaded, go to the file and tap it.
  • Tap install in the top right corner of the screen and then tap yes. This will let you know if you have any other files that need installing before you can run the app.
  • Follow these steps for every additional file until all are installed successfully.
  • Now you can open the app from your apps list or from an icon on your home screen.


One of the easiest ways to install apps from Google Play is to simply access the “Apps” section of your phone, click on an app, and click the “Install” button. You will be prompted to either accept or decline an installation request before it is completed.

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