6 Tips to Building a Perfect Parking Lot on Your Commercial Property


Perfect Parking Lot A well-planned and professionally built parking lot can be an extremely profitable business tool on a commercial property. If you’re considering building one or adding one to your existing commercial property, it’s important that you know what you’re doing in order to avoid major missteps and costly mistakes that could make or break your project. Here are some expert tips on how to build the perfect parking lot on your commercial property.

1. Get All the Necessary Permits

It’s important that you get the necessary permits before beginning construction. If you want to charge for parking, you’ll need a permit from your town or city. You’ll also need one if you plan to install outdoor lighting, provide landscaping, and/or add other features like benches, bike racks, or trash cans.

2. Don’t Forget About Drainage

Be sure that you account for the drainage needs of your perfect parking lot. There are two common ways to deal with this issue: installing a storm drain or creating a retention pond. Both methods can be expensive and will take time, but they are necessary if you want your parking lot to have minimal maintenance issues in the future.

3. Consider Drip Edges and Curb Ramps

Drip edges and curb ramps are essential elements of any perfect parking lot. While they may seem like an afterthought, they can play an important role in maintaining your pavement. Curb ramps allow people with disabilities, parents with strollers, and others to enter the parking lot safely and easily. Drip edges are used for rainwater drainage, which prevents puddles from forming in the parking lot that would not only be a hazard for drivers but also cause damage to your pavement.

4. Design for Easy Access to Spaces

It’s important to design parking lots that are easy for drivers and passengers to access. Make sure there is adequate space in between spaces so that people can’t accidentally hit other cars while they’re backing up.
Additionally, ensure the spaces are evenly spaced so that people don’t have difficulty finding an open spot. The spacing of parking spaces will also affect how often people park in one spot and then move their car when they
need the space for someone else’s car.

5. Keep Good Lighting in Mind

Good parking lot lighting is crucial. Make sure that the lights are bright enough and spread enough so that people can feel safe walking in the dark. If you want your business to feel welcoming, make sure that the walkways are well-lit, as well. You don’t want people tripping or falling over broken glass in the dark.

6. Maintain Proper Temperature Control

Maintaining the proper temperature is a key component in the success of your perfect parking lot. The best way to maintain the desired temperature range is by installing a state-of-the-art HVAC system that will regulate and maintain the ideal conditions. Make sure you invest in good insulation for your building, as well as an insulated roof, and doors that can be tightly closed for maximum efficiency.


perfect parking lots are a great way for businesses to increase their revenue and make more money. The more parking, the more customers will be willing to use it. But building a parking lot is not all fun and games you must first do your research in order to determine the best location for your new business’s parking lot.

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