The 5 Most Popular Services Offered by Hair Salons


For hair Salons for most people, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about hair salons is haircuts and hairstyles, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the services offered by hair salons. Depending on the salon and its service providers, you can get your hair dyed or highlighted, have facial waxing done, and even get your nails done by a beautician. Check out these 5 most popular services offered by hair salons below to find out more about them and whether they are right for you.

1. Bang trim

A quick haircut for those with bangs or who need a slight trim. Bang trims are usually priced between $5 and $15 depending on your stylist’s level of expertise. Bang trims are usually done on individuals with short hair, but it is possible to have them done on longer hair as well. Make sure your bangs aren’t cut too close to your eyebrows, though; that can quickly age you and make you look tired.

2. Cut and style

This is what most people think of when they hear hair salons. It involves a full-service stylist cutting your hair and blow-drying it to perfection. At a high-end salon, you may also receive an in-depth scalp treatment and shoulder massage. The cost of a cut is usually $60 to $100, but deals are sometimes available on Groupon or other sites. Expect to pay more if you want color or highlights in addition to styling.

3. Cut, color, and style

This is a classic haircut, color, and style service that most women can get at a hair salon. If you’re willing to spend more money, consider going to a high-end salon for your cut and color services—the stylists there tend to be better trained and can add in other elements like blowouts, deep conditioning treatments, curls, or straightening. Whatever you decide on, make sure you tell your stylist what it is specifically that you want to be done with your hair.

4. Balayage highlights

Balayage is a technique that gives your hair color a more natural-looking appearance. In fact, since these highlights are hand painted, not only will they blend in with your natural base tone, but they’ll create an ombre effect (light to dark) that gives your hair dimension and depth. The best part about balayage is it doesn’t require you to use bleach or harsh chemicals on your locks; instead, balayage focuses on maintaining healthy strands from root to tip.

5. Relaxer

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, but you want straight locks, a relaxer treatment will make it possible. A chemical solution will be applied to your hair to break down the existing bonds and leave you with smooth, straight tresses. You should allow your hair to recover from a relaxer treatment before getting another one—usually at least a week—and it’s important not to do anything that might damage or weaken it until then.


Hair salon services have changed since they started. The friendly neighborhood barber shop has transformed into a high-end hair salon offering all manner of hair care services. Even though there are many different services offered, the highest demand is for the following 5: Haircuts, color & highlights, perms, conditioning treatments, and blowouts. Researching which services are popular is an important part of your business homework.

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