6 Careers in Biotechnology That Will Thrive in the Future


With so many Careers in Biotechnology companies offering innovative products that are saving lives and improving the way we live, it’s no surprise that this field of work has a such high demand for professionals. In fact, recent data suggests that biotechnology careers will be growing at an astounding rate, making it a great time to get involved in the industry. If you are considering a career change, take some time to learn more about these top 6 careers in the biotechnology sector that will thrive in the future.

1. Research and Development

The research and development department is at the heart of a biotechnology company’s activities. Without it, drugs wouldn’t be invented or developed and new medical procedures wouldn’t be discovered or perfected. The
The R&D team is often made up of scientists, many of whom are trying to make a name for themselves in scientific circles.

2. Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing professionals help to generate leads for their employer’s product or service by identifying target markets, reaching out to prospects, answering questions about products or services, and making
recommendations that will help increase profits. They have deep knowledge of a company’s offerings and strategies for promoting it to target audiences. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), sales and marketing occupations are expected to grow 11 percent by 2022, much faster than average.

3. Health Services Administration

Healthcare administrators make sure that hospitals and clinics run smoothly. They’re involved with hiring, training, and scheduling staff, which is why some jobs require you to have a master’s degree. You can also pursue certification from a professional body like the American College of Healthcare Executives.

4. Manufacturing, Packaging, and Distributing

Manufacturers and packaging companies are key to producing, distributing, and storing biotechnological products, thus creating demand for workers from these industries. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists
supervisors in shipping and receiving, packaging, manufacturing, and inventory control among some of its fastest-growing occupations by 2020. Several of these jobs require associate or bachelor’s degrees while others are entry-level positions requiring only a high school diploma or GED.

5. Production Engineering

The growth of biomanufacturing is a major trend that’s expected to continue over the coming decades. Production engineers help develop and operate high-tech equipment that helps produce vaccines, drugs, and other bioengineered products. There’s steady job growth in production engineering, with a projected increase of 19% between 2014 and 2024.

6. Quality Control and Assurance

With the demand for high-quality products, biotechnology companies need skilled QCAs to ensure their products are meeting specific standards. If you have an eye for detail and a passion for quality assurance, QA is a great choice as a career.


Science is a subject that everyone should have an interest in. From biology and chemistry to physics and psychology, science touches every aspect of our lives in virtually every way imaginable. Careers in Biotechnology is a hot new career that combines both the sciences and even elements of engineering to create this innovative industry, so it’s no surprise that it’s a field that will continue to evolve as research in these areas moves forward.

Don’t let the unfamiliarity of biotechnology scare you off – in many ways, it’s one of the most accessible fields of study since you can learn so much without having to go back to school for years. If you’re interested in exploring biotechnology as a possible career path, here are some promising careers for you to consider.

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